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Opening Groene Schoolplein De Kaap

Het groen moet nog wat groeien, maar de kinderen zijn nu al zo blij. De wadi, hazelaarstruiken, balanceerbalken, springen, klimmen, verstoppen, rennen, natuurlijke leeftijdsgrens, het klopt!

Rwanda: training the trainers and training architects

Wonderful to train the projects "Design your own playground" with architects and Right to Play Staff in Kigali, Rwanda. Collaboration with Jantje Beton and the RTP staff Netherlands and RTP Rwanda . 

Participation new schoolyard Amsterdam

These Amsterdam children have intensively thought along, explained, drawn and created fantastic ideas. Together we can make a great new green schoolyard! Ever thought of a 'make-happy-home', 'a birdsnest in a tree with fireman pole', or secret places to hide, a grotto with 2 tunnels, a trampoline path along the butterfly garden? They did!

workshop #3 Make space 4 play Masakan Othman

Succesfull workshop #3 Making Space 4 Play. A mixed group of young professionals, students, the area's residents and mainly its children, have succeeded to construct 11 large play elements out of tires for the project as described below. Besides this large (enclosed) playground, we aimed to create extra satellites of play in public space within the area, an idea which was very welcomed by the local communities, so far one extra 'satellite of play' has been implemented. The group process, the interaction with the children and the results are rewarding! Commissioned by the UNHCR and by the German cooperation for zusammenarbeit.

Inclusive playground Ypenburg 2010

concept design and preliminary design done at Carve

Inclusive playground Escamp The Hague 2010

Conceptdesign and preliminary design done at Carve

public space play elements out of tyres

Darb 1718 Contemporary Art & Culture Center is implementing an intensive community development project through artistic recycling. They fund four larger workshops and a series of 5 smaller workshops. We will organize and implement one of the more intensive workshops, based on creating children's play elements out of recycled tires in close collaboration with the children and mechanics from the neighborhood. The (en)TIRE team exists out of me, architect Ahmed Borham and Takween Alyaa Taha from Takween integrated development office.

participation children islamic cairo

How to truly involve children - who are more used to 'giving the "right " answer, than to giving their opinion' - into the design of a pop up playground in their own street? This worked out well

pop up playground in Khalifa Street

Result of a workshop I lead for 10 architects to design & construct a pop-up playground in and around an empty monument, with play elements only made out of recycled materials.  the playground will pop-up every two weeks.

playground elsenhove 2010

Realization of the first phase of my design for the playground Elsenhove. Project done at Carve