Participation, true involvement

How can we, grown-ups who have unlearned to play, design space to move, learn and play for children? 

Desiging for children cannot be done without them! They know best what their needs are, their fears, they are able to use their fantasy, are less limited by (policy) frameworks. 

Setting up good child participation I combine my dual background in teaching and designing. In the past 10 years I have set up, designed, organised and lead a wide range of participation sessions, all completely unique depending on the task, the challenges and off course the children. Furthermore I  taught designers how to set up good participation sessions and include these in their design process.

For me the key ingredient of true participation is determining the reasons behind their requirementsIn order to ensure equal participation for all participatiing children, I make use of diverse activities, structures and working methods (orally, in writing and visually). To give some examples: drawing analysis, risk mapping, daily routines analysis, social mapping, interviews, children's reporters, life size co-creations, written comments activity, yes/no discussion games, etc. etc.

All participation sessions are uniquely designed, depending on the aims of the participation.

10 years of experience in designing and leading participation sessions in e.g. Amsterdam West, The Hague, Amsterdam Osdorp, Dordrecht, Venlo , Amstelveen, and Cairo. No matter how different the location or context, my main goal is: true invovement to extract underlaying needs, fears and dreams.