Children's vision on their city in 25 years

The municipality of Haarlem is working on a vision for the future of Haarlem. Commissioned by Haarlem city council, I designed, organised and lead 2 intensive participation sessions to involve Haarlem's children.

By introducing diverse complex scenarios, in simple language and speaking images, children were invited to think along, further than their 'own playgrounds'. In a brainstorm session, children opened up, challenged their imagination, and came up with great ideas. A selfcreated citymap of 4 by 6 meters enabled them to grasp the city and build along. They have created their essential extensions and additions on their city of the future in cardboard.

Both sessions were great, both the groups of children from very diverse neighborhoods (Haarlem center and Haarlem Schalkwijk),  easily broadened their vision and shared their hopeful views and ideas:

more greenery, complete multifunctional buildings, green roofs, prioritisation of slow traffic, futuristic neighborhoods on platforms in the Northsea, wifi integrated in lightpoles, all electricity from windmills and solar panels. 

The result can be read on the website