Developing UPCYCLING workshop Netherlands & Rwanda: Make your own Play Material

For the project The Power of Play (Right to Play & Jantje Beton) 50 schools in The Netherlands and in Rwanda will follow a workshop program in which children will create new toys by upcycling other elements.

By introduncing all different types of play to the children, with triggering questions, mindbroadening pictures, we challenge the children to tap into their creativity to thinking further than standard upcycled toys.

In the workshop children will be triggered to invent, design, create, construct, build new play materials out of recycled materials. The Rwandese children and the Dutch children will inspire each other what they have created by their own instruction videos showing what they have created.

Together with Jantje Beton and Right to Play Rwanda, we are developing the teachers and students manual for the workshop program.  In september 2017 we will refine the program and set up the Train the teachers manuals.  We will train the Rwandese trainers (how to train the teachers, how to succesfully give the workshops) in November in Kigali.